A Day in the Tri Life – Tuesday, August 2

Here’s a peek at what a solid day of training looks like for me!  This is how Tuesday has been for the past few weeks (with some variation in the actual workouts).  The day starts early and requires smart fueling, a nap, and taking the easy stuff easy so I can recover and have a solid day (again) on Wednesday – which will be my next day in the tri life post.

Enjoy! I know I did :).  Special thanks to all the people I bugged to take pictures!

Side note – sometimes my pictures show up sideways or upside down when viewed on a mobile phone. Trying to fix that, but just know I know :). All is well on a laptop or computer!


At the track by 5:45am before the sun is up – but still plenty warm outside. I had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast before arriving.


My workout was 15x800m at 6 minute/mile pace with a 200m float (active recovery, just a gentle shuffle).  There was a whole group at the track, but only one other guy was doing the workout at my pace, so I did the first 9×800 with him and then the last 6 by myself.  A TOUGH workout that takes a lot of mental control and feels so good to finish.


The sun came up by the time we left – love this track at Olympus High School!


Snapped a picture with my coach Wes, and then Sarah Crowley and her coach Cam. So fun having them around!


The track session lasted about an hour and a half, and then it was time to head to the pool. I needed calories to recover and to make it through the swim to follow – Core Power is my go to along with Quaker Rice Cakes!


Hopping in the pool at the Salt Lake Sports Complex. We just did an easy 2500m recovery swim – main set was 10x150m on an easy interval. Much appreciated after such a hard track workout :).


Sarah Crowley, Wes Johnson (my coach), Ali Black (BAM teammate), and I all swam together.






I got home around 9:45am and was STARVING (what’s new?). Double early morning workouts guarantee a second breakfast. Oatmeal sounded amazing again, so I had oatmeal, strawberries, an egg, yogurt, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Fueling is key on long, hard days. I knew I had more to come, so I needed to make sure I was recovered AND fueled for the next workout.


One of my favorite parts of the day 🙂 – snuggling up with this guy for a nap. Much needed after a tough morning.  I took my nap and then spent time off my feet working on my computer (and more eating).


Up next was a 3 hour easy bike ride at 3:00pm! I drove up to Park City where Sarah was staying and we rode together.  We covered about 45 miles and 2800 ft of climbing, but kept it all very easy!


Jordanelle Reservoir. It was fun riding up in Park City to mix up the scenery, and to beat some of the heat down in the Salt Lake Valley!


Cute kit, Sarah! We got some good cloud coverage on this ride – it felt great :).


I got home and made dinner. I cook most nights because I love to cook and because that way I can control what I’m eating. I’m not extreme in my diet or a perfect eater (diet is a whole other post), but I do try to keep things high quality!  This was garlic pomodoro with shrimp and whole wheat angel hair pasta, plus cauliflower on the side.


After dinner I was off to bed – I’m sure I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.  Stay tuned for what I did the day after this!