Name: Skye Moench

Country: United States

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah

Coach: Cameron Watt

Training Squad: The Hills District

Skye is a long course professional triathlete. Skye’s triathlon journey is a reflection of her tenacity and belief that anything is possible with discipline and hard work. In April 2015, Skye went part-time at her Big 4 accounting job, hired a coach, and got serious about becoming the best triathlete she could be, with sights immediately set on racing pro. Skye went on to win nearly every single race as an amateur, going undefeated in the 70.3 distance. Skye threw herself in the deep end by starting her professional career in 2016, and has stepped up to the challenge of becoming one of the best long course triathletes in the sport.

Prior to aspiring to become a professional triathlete, Skye was a dedicated runner and online shopper. Skye graduated from Brigham Young University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in tax accounting. She worked in public accounting for five years and is a licensed CPA.

Skye is married to Matt Moench. They share their home with Winston, their adored cavapoo dog.

Skye hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and to live an active, happy lifestyle.

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