What happened at Chattanooga?

It's been just over a month since Chattanooga.. a little late on the recap, but better late than never? 🙂 I've had enough people ask me about "what happened" that I thought it would be worth putting my thoughts on my blog. Chattanooga was my second full Ironman race, and one I felt confident going… READ MORE

There's a first time for everything: Ironman Arizona

Let's just address this photo right now because I LOVE it. The fact that my beloved dog is wearing a backpack/harness along with an oversized "Ironman training buddy" bandana is ridiculous enough, but then he is being held up mid-air to "cheer," all while my husband is cheering and taking a picture of me racing.… READ MORE

Lost and found bike piece in Mexico & Cabo 70.3 race recap.

I’ve been fortunate to have pretty smooth races in terms of mechanical, nutritional, or any other sort of major errors.  Los Cabos 70.3 was my first race that had some mechanical hiccups, and honestly, I’m glad I finally experienced some problems because it’s good practice to work through things you can't control. Our first night in… READ MORE

Cabocation - where "every day is perfect!"

Oh, Cabo, from the moment I laid eyes on you in the Ironman pro race schedule, I knew you’d be my favorite race trip of the year and the perfect way to end my season!  I’m a girl who LOVES the beach, sunshine, hot weather, swimming in warm water, and eating good food, and Cabo… READ MORE

ITU Long Course World Championship: When you can't tame the wind, tame your mind!

Every race is hard because that’s the point of a race, but there are a lot of variables that can make a race even harder than just the distance, course, or competition you’re up against. I posted on Instagram that this was was one of the toughest race days I had experienced, and during the… READ MORE

A Day in the Tri Life - Indoor Edition

Is there a better time to finish a blog post than when you're sitting in bed, stuffing your face with carbs, just waiting for race morning to arrive? I don't think so. I'm here in Oklahoma City getting ready for the ITU Long Course World Championship TOMORROW morning.  This will be the longest race I've… READ MORE